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Required Documents

Required Documents

  1. Original Birth Certificate (For non-Dominicans, a copy of the birth certificate)
  2. Two pictures (2×2)
  3. Vaccination Record
  4. A copy of each parents’ national identification card (cédula) (For non-Dominicans, a copy of each parents’ passport)
  5. School record/grades (if the child has studied at another school)
  6. Completed application (provided by JCS to be filled out by the parent/s)
  7. Letter of withdrawal and good conduct (if the child has studied at another private school)

If the student is non-Dominican and has NEVER before studied in the Dominican Republic,
or if the student is Dominican but his/her previous grade level was completed in a different country, you will also need the following:

  1. Documents that demonstrate that the child has taken and passed their studies in said country.
  2. This document must be legalized in the country in which the child previously studied:
    1. The Ministry of Education of said country
    2. An apostille of said country
    3. Documents must be signed by the school in said country
    4. Beginning in third grade, you must also present all report cards for the grades the child has passed

Note: All documents must be translated into Spanish by an authorized public translator. You must have the documents legalized by the Attorney General’s Office of the Dominican Republic.

Registration Form

Click here to download a PDF of the JCS Registration Form.


Payment Information

JCS tuition includes textbooks, teaching and curriculum supplies, laboratory science supplies, and athletic participation and equipment. Things like personal school supplies, personal sports equipment, uniforms, field trips, special student activities/events, students’ project supplies, and food are not covered by tuition.

Payment Procedures

Tuition can be paid in full each year by June 5 with an established 10% discount.  Alternatively, it can be paid in 11 month payments. Registration, school supplies, and activity fees are not considered part of a payment plan.

At JCS we offer a family enrollment discount (applicable to the youngest child).  The discount is as follows:
10% discount for the second child
15% discount for the third child
20% discount for the fourth child

Methods of payment include cash, checks, credit card, or wire transfer.

A 10% late fee will be applied for a past-due balance. A family with a past due balance may not enroll their students at the beginning of the school year.