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Academics and Curriculum

Preschool (PK-2 – Kindergarten, ages 2-5): Our preschool program is taught in English and is designed to prepare the student for 1st grade. This program is structured to provide a foundation in English communication, an introduction to basic biblical characters, and an opportunity to interact meaningfully with other children. Students are given the necessary support to develop their basic social skills as well as their motor skills.

Elementary (Grades 1st – 6th): Our elementary school offers an academic program based upon United States standards (EngageNY Common Core). Students in 1st – 6th grades receive the bulk of their academic instruction in English, with the exception of Spanish and Sociales classes. Since most of our students are non-American English Language Learners (ELL), there are many adaptations made to our curriculum in order to meet our students’ learning needs.

High School (Grades 7th – 12th): Our high school program is designed to prepare graduates for further study. At this level, students will receive a truly bilingual education and are expected to make regular progress towards either Dominican or U.S. college admission. It is the students’ responsibility to maintain the established grade point average (GPA) and conduct record.

Graduation Requirements: Apart from passing the four core subjects required by the Dominican Ministry of Education (Spanish, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics), students must pass all subjects in English with a minimum of 70%.