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Educational Goals

Educational goals

Student Mastery: Since JCS is a college preparatory institution, the curriculum is taught for student mastery. It is imperative that students master subject matter in one grade before they move on to the next. Because of this strong commitment to student mastery, JCS will not permit students to progress to the next grade level until grade-level subject mastery is achieved.

English Language Instruction: One goal of JCS is to guide our students toward becoming future leaders and productive members of society. Language—mainly, being bilingual in Spanish and English—is a tool we provide to our students to attain this goal. With this in mind, all instruction in grades PK2 through twelfth grade will be carried out in English, with the exception of the courses in Spanish or Sociales, which are required by the Dominican Ministry of Education.

Character Education: Central to the classroom atmosphere is the moral focus. Each month a different character quality or virtue is emphasized. The values or virtues we teach our students include: patience, compassion, humility, solidarity, perseverance, forgiveness, self-control, honesty, and responsibility. Teachers discuss the virtues with the students, read stories that focus on the virtues, model the values in daily life, and encourage students to demonstrate them as well. The moral/spiritual focus is integrated into the curriculum and campus activities to make it as relevant to daily living as possible.

Spiritual Participation: At JCS we will naturally reflect Christian beliefs, and, at times, we may be in contrast to the religious beliefs held by some of the parents of our students. When this occurs, the parents should exercise tolerance and understanding, recognizing that the school cannot in good conscience waive from the core beliefs of our school.