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Our motto

Family, Faith, Future

Welcome to Jarabacoa Christian School! JCS is a private, non-profit, Christian bilingual school located in Jarabacoa, a small mountain town in the Dominican Republic. JCS was established by the people of Jarabacoa for the people of Jarabacoa. Our motto is “Family, Faith, Future.”

Family:            Our student body ranges from 220 to 250 students each year, grades PK-2 through 12th grade. One of our goals is to provide a higher level of education to any student who desires academic excellence, while maintaining a close, familial environment in which students can develop academically, socially, and personally.

Faith: JCS believes that the purpose of education is to train our students to respect authority, to prepare for their future as Christians in the world, to teach them character values, and to develop them into future good citizens. The character values we emphasize at JCS include the following: patience, compassion, humility, solidarity, perseverance, forgiveness, self-control, honesty, and responsibility.

Future: The students of JCS receive instruction according to the rigorous academic standards of the Engage NY Common Core (U.S.A.) and the Dominican Ministry of Education curriculum. In this way, our students will be prepared for university, whether in the Dominican Republic or in the United States.

Our small class sizes allow teachers to develop lesson plans according to the academic needs of each student to provide an effective learning environment.